A downloadable game for Windows

Dinaura is a game made in one week (After work) by two people! You have to take the scared pinks to their mom from their house to her house!

This game was made during the online game jam ' Games Plus jam 2':  https://itch.io/jam/gamesplusjam2 !

The theme was: SPACE !

We took the theme "space" and came out with an idea related to the fear of open spaces, Agoraphobia.
The little pink creatures have agoraphobia and you can't leave them in the open space for too long.

Music credits: {8-bit March} by Twin Musicom (twinmusicom.org)

You can use either a keyboard or a controller!


MovementArrow KeysAnalog Stick
EatZA / Rb
SpitXB / Lb

Artist: fallingfeathers.itch.io , instagram.com/xfallingfeathersx

Programmer: @mickehh_

Update: 0.2

I added a restart functionality, and a yet not working settings menu.

Update: 0.5

Updated the first and second levels to be more friendly to the player :).

and also it says you're playing "Dinaura" on discord :3!

Install instructions

unzip the file and enjoy!!


Dinaura 1.5 (Latest Update) 39 MB

Development log


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Great job with Dinaura! The artist really nailed it. I think the game's art is fantastic. I think the mechanic is interesting and I really like sacrificing the pink creatures for pushing down buttons. (even though it feels mean its funny) Once a restart screen is added + more levels would be interesting. Good job!

Thank you so much! 
Yeah hopefully we will fix it and add a couple more levels.
Thanks for playing and for your feedback ^^